I have had the honor of witnessing SKP HOPO’s effectiveness in connecting its physical shelter and holistic support resources to social care services for Roma families and households at-risk of displacement and disruption.

Today, SKP HOPO’s campus represents an environment of safety, security, and stability for those those in crisis. The  focus on keeping vulnerable families intact during times of crisis and transition, is reinforced by a deep sense of community harmony and social inclusion.

SKP HOPO’ also enjoys a unique connection to the United States. That special relationship enables the organization to build upon a strong extended network of cross-sector collaboration, towards effective community partnerships and capacity building for long-term sustainability.

SKP HOPO’s team contributes a high degree of commitment, professionalism, and compassion in their delivery of quality programs and services for their clients. With reverence for their past, and respect for their present, the staff also looks to the future with a sense of purpose, clarity and responsibility as catalyst for growing opportunity for the most vulnerable in society.

Ryan Turner, Senior business strategist for socially responsible ventures